Why choose our Silk?


A little bit of background info:

Mulberry Silk was originally invented in Ancient China in the 4th Millennium B.C. A well-established legend claims the wife of the Yellow Emperor one day was sitting under a Mulberry tree when a cocoon fell into her teacup she then discovered that Mulberry Silk is a weavable fiber, and the rest, is history…Pure Silk being one of the most rarest fabrics in the world they are an extremely natural high-quality luxury fabric. There are numerous alternatives to Silk however, they do not reach the same quality, durability, breathability and, luxuriousness as Silk. Silk is the most beneficial and suitable for the fabric you choose to sleep your head on for hours at night.

So. . . what is so special about Coverluxesilk?

Our Momme is a massive factor. As Mulberry Silk is certainly the highest quality Silk you can get in the market, most brands sell Silk pillowcases have a Momme ranging between 19-25, Coverluxesilk pillowcases exclusively have Momme of 30, the best you can get.

As described in the home page, Momme (mm) is the universal measurement of the silk threads' weight. This is done by weighing 1m x 91m worth of fabric in pounds. For example, Coverluxesilk (1m x 91m) tester fabric weighs 30 pounds, so it is 30 Momme. The heavier the Momme the more Silk is present in the fabric, therefore the durability and quality are immensely higher. Momme is an element used to decide the quality and standard of Silk.


We have also made sure to incorporate the highest grade (6A) Mulberry Silk. This has the longest silk fibers out of all grades to ensure you receive top-quality Silk products that hold proper resilience and longevity.


As confident Silk experts, we dedicated ensure that a Charmeuse weave is used as it is the best weave for our products. Charmeuse is a specific type of weave that offers glossy and lustrous sheen on one side and a matte texture on the other side, this perfect for our products as all the Silk is woven in a way where all of the Our Grade 6A 100% Mulberry Silk is woven on the outer part of our products where your skin touches, so you can soak up all the good parts!

Treat yourself with some self Love & Care, because you deserve it!

Be wary of fake dupes that claim they are 100% Silk when they aren't, you will not get the same advantages.