Frequently asked questions:

Coverluxesilk proudly supplies 30 Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, and Sleep Eye Masks with a Charmeuse weave, they are High-Grade 6A long fiber.

There are multiple reasons as to why Silk should be apart of your daily routine, we spend 6-8 hours laying in bed, why not have the best and improve your well being during that time? Read all about why you should choose our Silk here: "Why choose our Silk?"

Momme (mm) is the universal measurement of the silk threads' weight. This is done by weighing 1m x 91m worth of fabric in pounds. For example, Coverluxesilk (1m x 91m) tester fabric weighs 30 pounds, so it is 30 Momme.

The heavier the Momme the more Silk is present in the fabric, therefore the durability and quality are immensely higher. Momme is an element used to decide the quality and standard of Silk, the higher the better.

As Mulberry Silk is certainly the highest quality Silk you can get in the market, most brands sell Silk pillowcases have a Momme ranging between 19-25, Coverluxesilk pillowcases exclusively have Momme of 30, the best you can get.

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