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Pleasantly Surprised

Honestly, I was sceptical, but I'm glad I tried it. I have applied it to my roots 3 times (which used up 1 bottle). I did it every second day last week. The first two times I did it before bed, used the blow dryer, and slept with it in. The last time, I did it at midday, sat in the sun for about an hour, kept it in overnight. The lightening process has been gradual, which I'm fine with. It also doesn't seem to be damaging my hair, the way foils does; so that's great! I have also been using purple shampoo too balance it out. I probably need another 1-2 applications before I'm 100% satisfied with the colour, but so far so good. I'll be ordering another bottle.

Life changing

As many others, I was a bit sceptical as to how effective this product would be on my brown, dyed hair, but I am so impressed with the results, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to dying my hair again!
I have super short hair, so my first bottle is still going strong m, but in 4 applications my hair has lightened at least 2 tones and where I previously had darker roots from outgrowing my last dye job, now I have an even, lovely multi toned blended hair. I also have quite a few greys, especially towards my temples and they are belong in so much better with my lighter hair, which was my main goal, as I hate the though of being a slave to dying my hair constantly.
I’m super excited to see how light I can go and loving how healthy and shonky my hair is. I’m a big fan and will be coming back for more ☺️

Best at home hair lighter

Absolutely love my lighten luxe besties bundle!
Lightening my curly hair can be tricky as it get damaged so easily. This process is gentle yet super effective I love it because it is so quick and easy it takes me 10 minutes tops.

It works amazingly!!!

I have a toddler and work full-time so it’s hard for me to go to a hair salon and get my hair done the way I wanted it. Then I saw the advertisement for Coverluxsilk. Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but I was willing to give it a try. Lo and behold, it works!!! After the second application, I could see my hair lighten up beautifully.
I just finished my second bottle and my hair is way more lighter than the black Asian hair that I had.
Not to mention that I don’t feel my hair is getting dry like the way it could have been if I was to bleach it.
Definitely worth the investment. ❤️❤️

doubtful at first but now I'm very impressed with results

I purchased this for my daughter who has been wanting to lighten her dark brown hair. She is also has an autoimmune condition so we have been reluctant to go to the hairdressers and use chemicals on her while having medical treatment. Not to mention the Hairdresser quoted a process that was going to be both lengthy and expensive to lighten her hair. What drew my attention to Coverluxesilk is their natural ingredients, and that the process could be done at our pace, to achieve results we were happy with. My daughter has used 1 bottle so far (her hair is very long- reaches her lower back) and her hair has gone from original Dark Brown to a golden brown. She has had several compliments on how nice her hair condition and colour are looking. Her hair is in brilliant condition, no damage whatsoever.
I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural, healthy, self paced lightening system.

Lighten Luxe™ Besties Bundle Hair Lighteners

Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to get a great result lightening their hair,who wants an option to save time & alot of money speht at hairdressers! I've got thick hair,just below shoulder length,was Medium brown when applied & this is just after 1 application of about 1/3rd of a bottle! So easy to apply too! I'm very sensitive to smells,had no issues with this, unlike the boxed dyes of the past. Do yourself & bank balance a favour & give this spray a go!

Highly recommended - Great alternative to foils

This product worked so well for the result I was trying to achieve. Having foiled hair with 5cm of regrowth I used the lightning spray on the regrowth area to achieve a natural blend into the lighter ends. I did have to use 2 bottles over a 4 week period so I would recommend the double bundle


For 35yrs I have been colouring my hair with a full head of tips/foils.
I moved away from the city and was quoted over $300.00 to colour my hair. I have never paid over $120.00 to get hair done EVER.
My colour started to grow out, I was looking online at products to lighten my hair without the expence. On Facebook I noticed Coverluxsilk Lighten Luxe adds. I was happy that this product is Australian made and it was sulphate free.
I have used one full bottle and I am halfway through my second bottle. Before I used my first bottle – people were commenting “that my hair was lighter.”
I am very impressed with this product. The results happened quickly and it looks very natural. I am not paying $300.00 and I’m saving time, not having to sit in a chair for a few hours.
I do encourage you to try it and see for yourself.
Thanks Coverluxesilk.


I am blown away by this product! I have naturally light brown to dark blonde hair, with some golden tones and some lighter foils which are growing out. I purchased to further lighten my ends as they naturally lighten in the sun but I wanted a bit more without using chemicals and doing it nice and slowly for a more natural look. After using twice this product has lightened my hair beautifully the colour is gorgeous and it hasn’t thrown a lot of warmth which my hair normally does. I applied mid length to ends for a more ombré effect and it blended very well as its gradually lightening (no harsh lines) I applied to dry hair, blow dried slightly and went for a walk in the sun, I left in overnight, applied again the next day same method and then washed out the following evening. It has lighten my foils to a beautiful blonde and the natural hair has lifted but not only did it lighten it has made my hair feel incredibly soft and smooth that alone is a winner to me as my hair is long so the ends can feel quite rough especially after time in the sun. I’m so surprised at how well this product works and how gentle and nourishing it is. Love it! I will be recommending to all my blonde babes and continuing to play around with lightening my own hair.
You can see in the picture how much healthy my hair looks after using.

I’ve been using the lightening spray and the results are TO DIE FOR! I get compliments all the time on how light my hair has gone and how natural it looks. I’m so happy that I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and spend all my time colouring my hair when this product does it for me in just a few gos without damaging my hair. I definitely recommend this product! I’m a single mum of 2 and I’ve always wanted to spoil myself and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do was to dye my hair. I did this all by saving so much money and time and I’m feeling super confident and beautiful with how my hair is looking.

Perfect healthier alternative to lightening hair

Have purchased the cover luxe hair lightener on two occasions . This spray is easy to use with a pleasant smell and most importantly it works ! So much lesser work than going to salons for bleach job , less harmful to the hair and get the same results in such a quick turn around time . All you have to do is to spray the lightener on parts of your hair n then blow dry the area for 5 min . Best to leave it in overnight for better results . This has been a great alternative to getting my roots done ! Love it


Love this stuff really works and leaves my hair feeling nice and no damage and so quick and easy to use no more trips to the salon for me.
Before and after pics after 2 goes can't wait to see how much lighter I can go.

Can’t believe the results!

I’ve used the hair lighting spray 3 times now and I am loving the results! I have no time to sit at the hairdresser for 3 hours plus, this was so quick and easy to do in the comfort of my home! I will be trying it on my daughter next, can’t wait!

Happy hair, Happy me.

I have been tinting my hair for 60 years, and recently had shingles on my scalp and forehead. It is now healed but l didn’t want to take the chance of using harsh chemicals.
Then l came across Coverluxesilk and l purchased it,
After 3 applications ,and a seat in the sun, l am thrilled with the result, as my the root colour has blended in and my hair is soft and shiny.
I am now a fan of this wonderful product.

I love this lightener!

After years of bleaching, I let my blonde grow out but have really missed having lighter hair. Finding this spray has been the best. I've been using this lightening spray for a couple weeks (would love a bigger bottle for thicker and longer hair) and am so stoked with the results. My hair has got quite a few shades lighter. I'm gonna pop a toner on to get rid of the brassiness. But love the spray and am definitely getting some more! I feel like myself again!

Omg amazing

I love this infrared led light has help with my Inflammation on my thighs and calf muscles best product out. I order one for my daughter to help with stretch mark, stretch marks have disappeared. I ordered another two .


Like so many others, I was skeptical at first. It sounds too good to be true! I've never dyed my hair before and didn't want to start now, but still wanted to have that beachy-blonde all year round. So I washed my hair, spritzed in the product, and blow-dried like normal... and wow. It worked like magic. Instantly one or two shades lighter, looks naturally sunkissed, and so many comments that my hair looks "so much lighter, shinier, blonder..." So happy!

Game changer!

This legit works and my lashes have grown so much within a 2.5 month period. First photo was in Mid Feb and 2nd photo is now 8th May (+ lash lift)!! I’ve had lash extensions for 2 years a feww years ago and everytime they would end up so thin and short so stopped them and started using serums (esp this one) and like wow! Highly recommended!

It’s working!

I wanted to work of course when I ordered it but I was doubting at the same time as I’ve got dark hair.It actually works! I’ve use 3 times so far and my hairs getting lighter color each time.And I can’t forget to mention about no damage from using this product.AAA so far.

Hides my greys

I was looking for a way to hide growing grey hair without going to the hairdressers. Used the spray on HALF of my head once, and I think it works. I see the difference.

Tawny and terrific!

Coverluxe Lighten Luxe has given my naturally, dark brown hair a fabulous tawny glow! I quick spray and blow dry every 2 weeks takes care of regrowth. Very gentle on my scalp and no strong odour, means a great deal to someone with allergies. Great product ☺️

Delivers with a little patience and is so good for your hair

This product does what it promises to do. I spray it in my dark brown, almost black Asian hair either wet or dry, then I blow dry it for 5-10 minutes. You can really see the difference after each application. It's gradual so you need to be committed, be patient and to trust in your hair journey. My hair is medium length and one bottle has lasted five applications. It's now a few shades lighter. Definitely going to purchase another two bottles right away.

Coverluxesilk's Lash Luxe Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum - Amazing results!! NO CAP ✨

I got my eyelash serum order from coverluxesilk just a couple of weeks ago and after 7 consecutive nights of applying the serum, I can say that their 7-day noticeable results were true!! I used to have super short and unnoticeable lashes but now I feel happy seeing the results. Super thankful to have bumped into an ad for this product. Must try!! 💗

Best hair care in a bottle - and it's Aussie!

I have been using Lighten luxe for over a year now. I started with dyed dark brown/black hair with red under tones and I was very skeptical as to what results I would get with dyed hair. After my first use I saw my hair lighten to a soft brown and was amazed. I continued with Lighten Luxe to turn my hair a light mousey blonde/brown as I was tired of dying my hair every 6 weeks to hide the greys in my regrowth. Dying was too hard and messy and the dyes were ruining my hair. The lighten luxe has been a life saver for my hair - after using t for 1 year my hair is so much lighter than mousey brown, it's even gotten to a blonde! It's so soft and in the best condition it's ever been in years - no damage AT ALL! I even have no splits ends now as my hair is no longer brittle from constant dying. But what I love most about this product is its Australian and all natural! I do not hesitate to tell anyone who asks how I colour my hair - it's just so darn easy to do at home - I LOVE IT!


At first I was sceptical, everything I do with my hair never really goes well. I've never coloured it before but I always wanted it a little lighter. This product does exactly that without having to go to a salon and spend $300. It took me a few times to get to my desired lightness but I like how it's gradual. You have more control over how light you want to go. I have been recommending this to my friends since!