Lighten Luxe FAQ

What is Lighten Luxe™?

Made here in Australia, Lighten Luxe is a gradual heat-activated hair lightener mist specially formulated to achieve your desired hair-lightening goals. The more you use it, the lighter your hair gets!

How long should I leave hair lightening spray in my hair?

Since our formula is gentle, lightweight, and isn't sticky, it feels comfortable enough to leave in your hair overnight. We recommend using a silk pillow and silk scrunchies to protect your hair and for the best possible results. If you can’t go that long, leave the hair lightening spray in for at least 4 hours before thoroughly washing hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Do you apply heat-activated hair lightener to wet or dry hair?

You can apply it on dry or damp hair — make sure you squeeze and ring out excess water before applying if your locks are damp.