A More Natural Alternative To Bleaching: Achieve That Sun-Kissed Look Without Damaging Your Hair

A Natural Alternative To Bleaching: Achieve Sun-Kisssed Locks Without Damaging Your Hair

If you haven’t been blessed with light-coloured, beachy hair, you’ve probably dreamed about it many times (after all, we all want what we don’t have!). 

Here’s the thing: as women, we can be very perseverent. When we want something, we do everything in our power to get it. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to hair, our ambition might work against us, because we often end up trying harsh, unpredictable treatments that can severely damage our hair health. (If you’ve ever been on a beauty forum thread that talks about bleach fails, you know what I’m talking about!).

Today I want to go through the main pros and cons of using a natural solution like Lighten Luxe™ to achieve that effortless beachy look everyone loves, so read on!

First things first: is bleaching a good option for you?

When it comes to beauty, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so I can’t tell you that bleaching is 100% bad for you and you shouldn’t do it. 

However, I do want to emphasize a few things that might make you think twice about this type of treatment:

    • It’s very aggressive with your hair. Bleaching can damage your hair irreversably, even if you use the best conditioners and hair masks after. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many times, bleached hair can look dry and brittle - even the best blonde colour can’t make up for an overall unhealthy and bunrnedlook.

    • It’s very expensive. Oftentimes, a light hair colour is achieved after multiple $250 hair salon visits. That’s a lot of money you could be using towards other self-care products to help you feel and look your best every day!

    • You can’t know for sure what your hair will look like. Even the most seasoned hair stylist can’t tell you how your hair will react to the bleach. It depends on too many factors, such as the undertone of your hair and how strong it is to begin with. It’s quite frightening and frustrating to think that you might end up with an orange shade of blonde despite spending hundreds of dollars at the salon. 

Bleaching can help you achieve dramatic results fast, but you should always consider these things before jumping the gun.

How can Lighten Luxe™ offer you an effortless beachy look AND nourish your hair at the same time?

The answer is simple: science! Made here in Australia, Lighten Luxe™ is a gradual heat activated hair mist specially formulated to give you your desired hair lightening goals. The more you use it, the lighter your hair gets, all year round!

Our innovative formula includes a blend of hero ingredients derived from nature with hydrating & lightening properties. 

These unique ingredients are rich in vitamin E, B12, K, and, C that simultaneously work together to gently lighten your hair whilst protecting & nourishing it. 

How does Lighten Luxe™ work?

Lighten works by spraying it on your hair then chilling out in the sun for at least 45 minutes make sure sun is directed towards hair. OR, blow dry hair on a warm setting for 5 minutes. Both work extremely well. Make sure to apply sun protection on your face and body if you choose the sun option.

How long should I leave Lighten Luxe™ in my hair?

Since our formula is gentle, light weight, and isn't sticky. We recommend leaving it in overnight for top lightening results! But if you can't, you should leave it in for at least 4 hours before thoroughly washing hair as per usual with a good Shampoo and Conditioner.

Does Lighten Luxe™ work with black or dark brown hair?

Yes it does work exceptionally well with dark hair! Lot's of our customers hair colours range from black to blonde.

Will Lighten Luxe™ make my hair brassy?

Brassiness may occur to some hair colours that contain red and yellow tones in it. We have added a natural toner in our formula to prevent this. Brassy tones are can be common to some, even when you lighten your hair in a salon. 

However, our formula is non damaging and gentle compared to the harsh salon chemicals. Use Lighten Luxe as directed until you have reached you hair colour goals. We then recommend using a purple shampoo to tone out the yellow/orange tones if needed. We have many happy customers with dark hair that use our product that don't need purple shampoo!

Lighten Luxe Versus Bleaching And Other Lightening Methods

What are the complete directions of use?

  1. Detangle your hair with a comb.
  1. Spritz a generous amount onto damp or dry hair until damp. Apply directly where you want your hair to reveal lighter tones.
  1. Comb your hair out to even out your desired highlights.
  1. Chill out in the sun for at least 45 minutes make sure sun is directed towards hair OR, blow dry hair on a warm setting for 5 minutes, both work extremely well. Make sure to apply sun protection on your face and body if you choose the sun option.
  1. Wash hands.
  1. Give at least 4 hours after the heat activation before you thoroughly Shampoo & Condition your hair. Since our recipe is lightweight, non-sticky, & hydrating, we recommend sleeping with it on for top results!
  1. You will see results within 4 hours, but you should wait for the next day and when your hair is washed & dried to see the absolute final result.
  1. Gradually repeat until you have reached your desired sun-kissed golden - blonde angel hair highlight goals! Use up to once per day.


We highly recommend trying Lighten Luxe to achieve the beachy look you want, because it’s risk free and it nourishes your hair. We have over 300 5-star reviews for this amazing product, all from ladies who were sceptical at first.

Ultimately, it’s your decision and I hope that you find a solution that works for you and gives you the confidence that comes with looking and feeling your best!

Lighten Luxe™ Heat Activated Hair Lightener

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