How to use Lighten Luxe?

Our heat-activated hair lightener couldn’t be easier to use! Simply follow these steps:

1. Generously mist the hair lightening spray directly on desired areas of hair until damp

2. Comb hair to distribute highlights evenly

3. Wash the product off your hands

4. Chill out under the sun for 45 minutes, or blow-dry hair on a warm setting for 5 minutes to supercharge the effects of our heat-activated hair lightener

5. Wait at least 4 hours before thoroughly washing your hair — most Lighten Luxe™ babes sleep with it in until the next day for top results

6. Repeat until your ultimate hair-lightening goals are reached!

Looking for a complete beauty makeover? We recommend our Lash + Lighten Luxe Ultimate Besties Bundle for natural lighter hair and the most luxe lashes ever!