100% Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies

Why silk scrunchies are your secret weapon for soft, luscious hair

Smooth, natural and better than cotton, silk is the perfect material for nourishing and protecting your hair. Perfect for securing your daytime hairstyles or keeping your hair tangle free while you sleep at night, silk hair scrunchies seamlessly secure any style without catching hair or leaving dents and marks after being removed. 

Coverluxesilk — we love your hair

Whether you’re looking to buy silk hair ties made from the highest quality silk fabric or you want to naturally lighten your hair, Coverluxesilk has beautician-grade products to keep your locks looking luxe. Shop the entire range of silk beauty products, including mulberry silk pillowcases and silk sleep eye masks today, and discover the difference silk can make to your hair and skin. 


What are the benefits of using silk hair scrunchies? 

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material that softly protects hair without absorbing your skincare, risking irritation to your skin, or creating hair breakage. Reducing hair friction by over 40% helps minimise split ends and frizzy morning bed head — making everyday styling much easier! Want to learn more? Discover the full benefits of mulberry silk hair scrunchies. 

Do silk scrunchies leave dents in hair?

Because our mulberry silk hair scrunchies are so soft, they simply glide off your ponytail or bun once removed. Say goodbye to dents in your hair or tangles when you remove your hair tie, and hello to the silk scrunchie that loves your hair just the way it is. 

How do I clean my silk scrunchies?

Cleaning your silk hair scrunchies couldn’t be easier. Simply follow these steps: 

1. Grab a clean bucket or sink with a plug and fill it with water no hotter than 30°C. Completely submerge your silk scrunchies.

2. Add a quarter scoop of gentle pH-neutral bleach and enzyme-free detergent.

3. Allow it to soak for at least 30 mins. 

4. Empty the bucket or sink and gently wash silk scrunchies while rinsing the detergent. 

5. Hang dry in the shade.