Hello Coverluxesilk family - Lets get motivated!

Welcome to our first blog! How exciting! We wish to create more random blogs in the future, no rules here, it will be whatever comes to mind, things that we believe may benefit you. 

This blog is bit about learning to find your potential through motivation. One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is to never, ever compare your living situation, your material things such as your car, phone, clothes, etc to anyone. If you're constantly wishing you had someone else's life:

  1. Unfortunately, you will never be truly happy.
  2. You are spending too much of your precious energy thinking of what other people have or what they do. Therefore, you are losing your energy to focus on all things you can possibly create with your mind.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating, admiring, or being inspired by others, that's a good thing but it should stop there, use that inspiration as motivation to focus on you, what you can do, what you can create in order to build the life you want. Make it a domino effect so if you do well, then there will be someone that will be inspired by you, and that is or will be one of your many gifts to this world. 

I'm not saying I am perfect, everyone will have days where they think what they have is not enough, but what I do as soon as those horrible thoughts come in is that I just think to be grateful for what I have. If those negative thoughts come through simply be grateful for what you have, move on with your day, and keep working towards your wishes whether it be excelling in your job, studying a course, trying something new! 

I want you to have a notepad or booklet always close on standby, use it to write down your ideas, thoughts, and express how you feel good or bad. It's really great and it helps me tremendously. If you have written something down (unless you're a bit of a dummy like me and lose things), it's NOT going anywhere, it's visible for you to see and you can build and grow from there, just try to keep the booklet safe and sacred. 

If you've made it all the way to here, I appreciate it, and thanks for being loyal. I really hope you take something from this and start getting motivated, be grateful, and let your powerful mind run free. 



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    Amen 🙏

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